I am a Computer Scientist and Hacker, with a background and strong interest in Artificial Intelligence and Complex Systems. I also love to build cool stuff. I use this site as a repository of information about my projects, publications, and anything else I believe worthy of sharing with the world. I currently work as a researcher for the CNRS, the French national research center, more specifically the CAMS lab. I currently live in Berlin, where I am graciously hosted by the Marc Bloch Centre.

Current Projects


This is an ongoing project that I started with a friend, and is now also part of my research activity in the context of the Algopol project. GraphBrain is a knowledge hyper-graph with a natural language processing interface. Another way to put it is that it is a complex database of facts that can understand human language, be it from web sources or direct user commands. It can remember and derive new relationships between things. It wants to be a new type of Artificial Intelligence. I will write more about this as the project develops.


Synthetic is a scientific experimentation tool aimed at studying the genesis and dynamics of complex networks using multi-agent simulations and evolutionary computation. Following a standard view in Complexity Science, networks are seen as the emergent outcome of the local, low-level interactions of autonomous agents. The idea of using a multi-agent simulation to model a complex network is not new, but it presents challenges to the human modeler. As simplifying assumptions are removed, or the target network becomes more complex, the discovery of the corresponding low-level mechanism becomes harder. Synthetic aims at aiding and, to a degree, automating this discovery process with evolutionary search.

Short Bio

I have been fascinated by computers from a young age and taught myself to program while in basic school. I have a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Coimbra, with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence. Before, I worked as a software engineer. I developed a software module as part of a larger project for NASA. Later I worked for a mobile search startup company in Cambridge, UK. During my PhD work, I developed a new type of agent controller, called the gridbrain, that allows for embedded evolution in the context of multi-agent simulations. Shortly after finishing my PhD, I moved to Paris, to work as a researcher for the CNRS. There I have been working in an inter-disciplinary environment, exploring ideas like artificial social scientists, digital humanities and knowledge hyper-graphs.